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International Travel

New Huaqing directly manages international travel agency with Seoul, Jeju, Daegu and Kwangwondo in Korea as base and
have secured competitiveness in both China and Korea with over 20 cooperating agencies.
There are 6 international travel agencies including Korea, China, Japan, Sri-Lanka, Vietnam and Cambodia.
International travelling network is currently in construction by continuously pioneering Europe and North America.


Mother company of Huaqing “Huaqing Travel” in Zhuhai, China founded in 2008


”New Huaqing International Travel Agency” in Jeju, Korea founded in Sepember, 2012

Currently over 10 international agenices with Seoul, Jeju, Daegu, Kwangwondo as base and holds Korea’s leading tourist attraction record. Through united marketing with 20 other cooperating agencies, secured competitiveness in China and Korea


International travel agency “CAMBODIAN PAN GU TRAVEL” in Siem Reap, Cambodia founded on July 2014


International travel agency “Huaqing Agency Ltd” in Osaka, Japan founded in September 2015 (Sales right)

July 2016 “Huaqing International Limited” in Osaka, Japan founded (Sales right)

July 2017 “Huaqing Trading Company” in Osaka, Japan founded

Push for Global Network

Plan to set up general international travel agency in Thailand, Vietnam, Europe and America

Set up positional travel agencies in main tourist spots around the world
    – plan to construct global travel network of New Huaqing