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Contribution to society

New Huaqing seek to bring a positive change to the world
by utilizing the know-how of the New Huaqing global network,
and talented human resources to unearth global social contribution program that reflects global social issues.
We also strive to create a healthy tourism culture through systematic culture/language education
to minimize the inconvenience caused by cultural differences in visitors and places visited.

Employment and Community

Provide job opportunities for young people to dream
and prepare for a better future,
and provide tailored vocational training.

Neighborliness, Social Welfare

Rear outstanding individuals

New HuaCheong Travel is sponsoring college scholarship for students at Yanbian, China with Eastat Jet, After graduation, indigenization and creating jobs foe the students after graduation

social contribution

donated to Dasom Developmental Disorders Independence Application Center and Jeju Sara’s House(elderly residential facilities )

Neighborliness, Social Welfare

donated to teenagers in low-incomes of Jung-gu(SEOUL)’s resident