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Huaqing Careers


Provide the highest
quality goods

New Huaqing is constantly innovating and developing new products and continuing
technology growth.
We aim to provide a service that is unmatched in the global market where various cultures are

Not afraid of
various innovations

New Huaqing is not afraid to constantly challenge new things.
This is only possible through creativity
of individual employees and bold
investment by the company.
In order to create a creative
organizational culture, employees can
challenge each other to realize their own ideas,
and utilize excellent ideas
in the company to commercialize them.

Support constant challenge
and growth

New Huaqing has been striving to be the best
in many challenging situations.
This is the driving force that allowed
New Huaqing to become the largest inbound travel agency
and continues to expand the possibilities.
Here you will have the opportunity to learn and grow,
and become a global expert in your field.

Support a pleasant workplace
and happy life

The success of the New HQ is undoubtedly made possible
by the dedication and effort of the members.
That's why it's important to provide a flexible,
fun and work-at-home working environment so that each employees
can fully realize their potential and achieve innovative results.
In addition, we support various events such
as family invitations, performances, and various events to enhance
the pleasure of company life and to actively communicate internally
with employees in various departments.